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What test is performed on olive oil to confirm it is extra virgin olive oil?

I am lately been asked the question what test is performed on olive oil to confirm it is extra virgin olive oil a lot so I will try to give a quick answer here. A producer will take a sample to a chemical lab to verify the purity  and the acidity of the oil and have it tested by a panel to verify that its aromas and taste meets the standards. Now if I buy a EVOO lets say from a supermarket there is no chance I can verify it is indeed EVOO.Why is that? It is because oils can be neutralised to have no taste at all and then have some olive added to it to give it the taste and...

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Costco Switches Back to Italian for Private Label

I was reading the Costco Switches Back to Italian for Private Label article in the Olive Oil Times. What is says is that Italian oil is hit by fraud, is more expensive and not as good tasting as the Greek but we they are going back to Italian because that's what people like to buy and think they bought the best. Kudos to the Italians for managing to come on top with such bad odds but it is for sure time to think how to improve the image of the Greek oil.    

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How to turn your Olive oil from £10 to £3 in 4 easy steps

These are some common and well practiced ways I have developed when I buy a new olive oil Appreciate it so much that you only use it to dip bread once a month Leave it as close to the gas hob as possible, it makes it all nice & warm  Lose the cap so it can absorb all the nice smells of the food you cook Leave it on a nice sunny place so you can admire its perfect colour If you have any more ideas let me know ;-)

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Thursday at Shambles Market

So we tried the TasteYork on Thursday, unfortunately it was a bit miserable day and that didn't help. I do like the idea of trying to up the Shambles Market with some new stalls. It is nice when shops or markets try to mix things and force the visitors out of their routine.   

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