About us – Ancient Corinth Olive Oil

About us

My name is Akis and I have been living in York since 2003 with my wife Hannah.

We created the Ancient Corinth Olive Oil company in  September 2014.

To be honest I never thought about creating an olive oil company, I mean I do remember my surprise the first time I bought olive oil here but you know I have my own I don’t buy that often. So how it happened? Initially I noticed that more friends and colleagues were asking me when I am bringing some more oil from home, but the critical point was the crisis in Greece and talking with the farmers in my village (which by now you should have realised is called Ancient Corinth). They are facing the challenge of moving away of the old ways of producing something and sell it to a merchant to the new ways of producing good quality olive oil and finding your own market adding value to your produce.


So this is what this journey is all about. It’s about providing a good product and it is about seeing it reaching the person who will actually use it.