Delis – Ancient Corinth Olive Oil


Marinos Taverna

Marinos Taverna is located in Ancient Corinth and is popular with locals and people from the surrounding areas. The owner Vasilis and his family are extremely welcoming and there is no doubt you will have one of your best meals in Greece should you find yourself there. You now know where we eat whenever we go back home.

Henshelwoods Delicatessen

Henshelwoods Delicatessen is located in the center of York overlooking the market place. It is one of those rare places that remind you how shopping should be. The combination of friendly and knowledgeable owners with well sourced products makes it not a surprise that they have a very loyal customer base.

No 6 The Pavement

No 6 The Pavement is in Pocklington's busy center. A very picturesque delicatessen with various locally sourced products. The owner Chris has this quality of calmly guiding you where you need to go without feeling forced that you shouldn't miss the opportunity to ask all your foody questions.

St Helens Foodstore

St Helens Food Store is in on a largely residential street, tucked away from throbbingly busy Ladbroke Grove and Portobello Road, St Helen’s appears to cater solely to in-the-know locals. Regulars are greeted warmly, and the café’s mix of Italian and British dishes, as well as its packed shelves of dry and fresh deli items, keeps them coming back.