Harvest – Ancient Corinth Olive Oil


Getting ready

Checking the trees to see if they are dry enough because picking the olives does slightly traumatise the trees and if they are wet they quickly develop diseases.

Laying the nets

The first thing to do is to put the nets under the trees so the olives will drop on them instead of the ground, that not only makes the picking easier but also we don't want the olives to touch the soil and pick up dirt and moist. Also it helps to avoid collecting by accident fallen olives which would affect the quality of the olive oil.


We have two people working on the picking rods, these look like a brush but also vibrate a bit and more or less they are brushing the top two thirds of the tree letting the olives to fall on the net. The team has three more members whose job is among the things following to pick the bottom third of the trees.

Collecting the olives

Three more people have the job of collecting the olives to empty the nets to lay further up for the procedure to continue.

Bit of cleaning

Once the nets are laid we clean the olives from leaves and broken small branches.


and pack the olives to be ready to move to the mill at the end of the day.

Having a break

The whole team that makes Aki olive oil a reality.Really hard working people, without them this would be impossible.