Authentic Family Produced Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Ancient Corinth Olive Oil

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What you are buying

You are buying the produce of our family farm that produces a small amount of premium quality greek olive oil. Thanks to the small scale production all decisions, like when to harvest or how many to bottle are made with the singular goal of producing the best olive oil possible.

What you are not buying

You are not buying a mass produced olive oil that is doctored to taste and look the same every year and you are certainly not getting an olive oil that has been cut with cheaper oils.

What to expect

Our olive oil is made of olives and you should expect to taste olives! You will find that you don't have to bring it to your nose in order to smell all of its fruity aromas. When you taste it the fresh flavours will fill your whole mouth and you will experience a satisfying light burn in the back of your throat as it slips down.