Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil AKI 500ml – Ancient Corinth Olive Oil
AKI Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil
AKI Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

AKI 500ml

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AKI olive oil is the product of 567 Koroneiki trees cultivated for generations on our small family farm in Ancient Corinth, Greece. The annual harvest produces a small volume of 5000 litres of olive oil which allows us to concentrate our efforts towards producing a superior quality, authentic olive oil without the need for additional chemical treatments to improve its colour, aroma or taste.
By extracting the oil the very same day we harvest the olives, and bottling within three days, we are excited to offer you a fresh olive oil that smells and tastes exactly as it did when pressed in the mill.


Variety Koroneiki
Acidity 0.3
Characteristics Herbaceous, Peppery
Texture Soft and Silky
Intensity Medium
Color Golden yellow

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